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"The magic happens outside of our comfort zone.  I believe we must always be moving forward, toward a better version of ourselves." - Marissa Ivana

Mivana Move is a dynamic and innovative program that combines barre, pilates, yoga sculpt, dance conditioning and functional fitness. Every class is expertly designed by its founder, Marissa Ivana, a former professional dancer with over 20 years of dance and fitness experience. These high intensity, low impact, music driven workouts will challenge you physically and mentally, elevating your fitness and transforming your body.  Every class is unique and the results are truly inevitable!  


As Wellness Director and Master Trainer at Topping Rose House, the award winning, luxury hotel located in the heart of the Hamptons, Marissa created a year round wellness program offering a diverse selection of premium fitness classes integrated with unique wellness activations and pop ups.  This all-in-one concept allows Hamptonites to expand their fitness lifestyle with innovative workouts, a sparkling pool, a Farmaesthetics Spa and a fully equipped gym. One perfect destination for a full day of fitness, self care and relaxation.  

Mivana Move will transform your body in ways you never imagined possible. The results are inevitable.

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Real People, Real Results...

Marissa (Mivana Move) is my favorite instructor-ever. I've been doing a barre/pilates/yoga program for the last 20 years and find Marissa to be the most dedicated, focused and challenging teacher I've ever had, all the while being a sweet and kind and inspiring as can be. Even after years of training, Marissa's classes have helped reshape and improve my body's condition. I feel so lucky to have found her classes.

- J.B. in East Hampton, NY

“Marissa's fitness classes are a dancer's godsend!  The movements she guides us through go straight to my target zones for efficient toning and strength in all the right places!  It is a challenging hour- no lie, but her music is so hot, fun, and distracting (in a good way) the class breezes by!  Beyond that, her verbal queues keep me motivated.  After trying her class, no other workout compares!

Beyond that, the incredible shape this woman is in while managing a business and toddlers in the house is inspiring.  The example she sets helped push me in the direction of starting my own dance school.  I am so glad I have her classes to keep me moving toward my fitness, dance, and business goals.”

- A.N. in NYC, NY

“I can tell you without a doubt that Marissa is at the top of her craft. She has been a professional dancer most of her life, an actress and a health guru. She has the talent to push you during her workouts, the charm to make you feel like you are in a room together. Even if you are working out over Zoom, nearly 800 miles away. She has the knowledge to tailor workouts and answer any and all your questions.

- M.K. in Chicago, IL

I have followed Marissa from one studio to another and now continue to take her classes via Zoom.  If you want to take a unique, amazing and fun barre class, you need to sign up for Marissa’s class.  She works your arms through the entire session, which is unique from other classes, and she changes the routine every time to keep your muscles working.  Marissa is high energy and provides great directions while exercising.  She reminds you of what parts of your body you need to focus on as you move from exercise to exercise.  I am so happy to have discovered Marissa and look forward to exercising every time.

- D.C. in NYC, NY